Athena Health

Athena Health, Watertown, MA
Architect, Charlie Rose Architects

This dynamic healthcare company undertook a major renovation committing to the movement of investing in great workspaces for their employees. The design intention was to create beautiful, artistic spaces for people to gather, work, and eat fostering a great work community. We were honored to collaborate with Charlie Rose and his team of designers to create this world-class environment in our hometown.

The three-dimensional exterior structure of this building was a completely new and exciting territory for us. We clad a plain brick building with an intricately designed metal panel system fabricated out of aluminum and attached to the building. Lights installed behind the panels allows for the panels to illuminate the pattern on the sides. Our digital fabrication capabilities using Rhino and …. allowed this to come to fruition. We think of this project as art sculpture on a building.

The spaces we built and pieces we created include:

Footlong walnut table, seating for
Central conference table
Bamboo bathroom dividers
Cube wall custom photos
Glass and wood clad office space
Entry desk